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Add Bookmarks to Cognos Reports

Drill-though is a well-covered topic in Cognos Analytics but there is one feature of drill-through that seems to get overlooked: bookmarks.

The ability to drill to a bookmark can be found on the second tab of the drill-through definitions. This is such a useful feature if you have really big reports that are being generated. Drilling to a bookmark can allow the user to navigate easily from one point the the output to another.

Another amazing feature of bookmarks is that, unlike traditional drill-through, drill-through to a bookmark works in both pdf and excel outputs.

Using bookmarks for drill through

Here is an example of how to build a drill-through to a bookmark report. You can use the Great outdoors data module that is part of the Cognos Analytics.

  • Build a list that just contains Product line.

  • Build a second list with Product line, Product type, Product, and Revenue.  Group on Product line and Product type.

  • Unlock the report:

  • From the toolbox, add a Bookmark to the second list (make sure it is unlocked first) next to the Product line text item.

  • Select the bookmark in the list and, in the property sheet, set it to Data item value.

  • Lock the report again (same button).

  • Add a Drill-through to the top list on the Product line.

  • Run the report as a PDF. Notice that you can drill directly to the correct spot in the second list. This will also work in a saved HTML format and in Excel output.

  • Back in edit mode, add a bookmark to the top list next to the Product Line label (unlock report first).

  • Click on the bookmark and in Properties, Add “Back to top” next to Label. Lock the report again.

  • Add drill through to the Product line in the second list. Drill to a bookmark: Source type: Text, Text: Back to top.

  • Save the report and run it to PDF.



This example should work in all versions of Cognos Analytics (10.2, 11.0, 11.1, 11.2, 12.0).


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