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Cognos 11.1.6 is finally available!

Cognos Analytics 11.1.6 is finally available for general download and as a release, it has a lot of great features.

My friend, Ryan, at IBM BlueView sums up the new features perfectly so I'm going to let you read all about it on his blog:

He's also doing a livestream today to go over the features of 11.1.6 and whatever else you'd like to ask him about Cognos. I would highly recommend you join.

Don’t miss our Cognos Analytics 11.1.6 YouTube livestream

Want to see 11.1.6 live? PMsquare livestreams each Cognos Analytics release on YouTube. The Cognos Analytics 11.1.6 release goes live on 4/28/2020 at 3:00PM Eastern and will remain available afterwards so be sure to watch!

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