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Want to know even more about Cognos and Analytics?

I work for an amazing company called PMsquare and my favorite thing about PMsquare is the people I work with.

Here are a few of the blogs you should also follow:

Ryan Dolley has an excellent blog on all things Cognos and analytics. Ryan is our data module expert and new feature expert and is an IBM Champion. Ryan is my go-to guy for what's new in Cognos and the analytics world, in general. Ryan is a second-generation Cognos guy. I worked with Ryan's dad at Cognos in the early 2000s (which, don't worry, totally doesn't make me feel like I'm 1000 years old).

Cognos Paul is a Cognos celebrity (I know, I didn't believe such things existed either until I went to IBM Think with Paul and people would stop him in the hall and take selfies with him). You can find his blog here. Paul loves nothing more than to hack away at Cognos to find unique solutions to business intelligence problems. Also an IBM Champion. I love it when I'm at a client and can name drop Paul and say "Yeah, CognosPaul works with us".

I've worked with both of these guys at various clients and I'm so lucky that they are a few of my super-smart co-workers.

Our company also has a great company blog - we post technical content as well as information about the events we are running.

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