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What's new in Cognos 11.1.4? New welcome screen

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

Today, a new release of Cognos Analytics (11.1.4) was released. It has a lot of new features and updates to current components.

As soon as you upgrade, you will see the first new feature - a redesigned Welcome screen.

The new redesigned welcome page has a new quick access area for "How-to" and Samples.

It also offers a new option for Recent, where you can view the recent objects as the tile view or as a list view.

You can also turn the new welcome options off using the Show welcome button.

There is also an interesting "Alert" notice at the top of the screen:

Alerts include important maintenance announcements and information on new and changed features.

If you are a System Admin in Cognos, you can update a message that appears in the alerts banner.

To add a new message, click on Manage > Configuration > System > Advanced Settings and under Custom settings, add Key: Glass.enableBanner and under Value, true. Hit Apply.

Add a second custom setting: Glass.bannerMessage and in Value, add your new message: We recently updated to Cognos 11.1.4. Contact support for more information.

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