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What to do when Cognos "crashes" and you haven't saved...

I love learning new little tips and tricks with Cognos and the best person to figure out these helpful tips and tricks is PMsquare's own Cognos Paul.

This morning he posted on our team chat about what you can do if you step away from your computer and come back to a message like "The user is already authenticated in all available namespaces" and you aren't 100% sure if you saved or not.

I'm a really good consultant in lots of ways but I'm also a really terrible saver. I also don't have the greatest memory and I have to ask Paul every time how to open the console (F12 or for me in Chrome, Function-F12).

If you have never used the console before, when you hit F12, you may need to switch to Console in the window.

So this is a report in Reporting that I made a change on.

I hit Fn-F12 on my keyboard and this console pops up on side of my screen (it might be on the bottom of your screen). You have to switch to Console tab.

Then at the prompt > you can paste in the code from Paul's blog (above).

If you wanted to go to save directly, you have to change from Top to one of the Report frames. Once you do that, you can type in Application.Save().

That should allow you to save the report. You can also get the report xml instead of saving: Application.Document.GetReportXml()

So cool! Thanks for the information, Paul.

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